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Xenforo Services:
Installations, Imports & Upgrades

SQL Server consultancy

Design, Styling
& Graphics (Online & Print)

Add-on development

Simple Website & Wordpress

Administration & Community  Management

XenForo Services
Whether you need XenForo installed on your website, require an additional pair of hands while installing or configuring your XenForo site, need a customized look for your XenForo site, want additional add-ons installed, want your existing forum converted to XenForo, or all of these, SchmitzIT will be able to help you out. XenForo is our speciality, and we have solid experience installing, configuring, styling, upgrading, or importing XenForo installations.

Web hosting
A website is a great way to introduce your company to the world. Professionally developed websites are a powerful tool to communicate your corporate identity and values to potential customers, and are an increasing factor in ensuring your clients will come back. At SchmitzIT we can help you get online! We offer affordable and reliable hosting on our own servers, which are hosted in the United Kingdom. And do you need the actual website to put on your domain, SchmitzIT can assist you with this as well.

Forum Management
Forums provide the visitors of your site with a way to communicate with one another and build a community of like-minded people. They are a great way to communicate directly with your customers, and to offer your clients and fans an easy way to interact with one another. In short, forums are a sure way to entice interested parties to keep on coming back to your site.

SchmitzIT can assist you installing, customizing and extending your forum, or develop additional functionality to cater to your specific wishes. Our main area of expertise with forums is XenForo, a feature rich and intuitive forum tool, but we can assist with installing other software for you as well.

Who are we?

Peter SchmitzLykke Schmitz

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Our services

  • XenForo Installations & Setup 
  • XenForo Upgrades & Optimizations
  • XenForo Imports 
  • XenForo Add-on Installation & development
  • XenForo Design & Styling 
  • XenForo Administration (Backend & Frontend)
  • XenForo Forum Community Management
  • Graphic Design (Online & Print)
  • IT & Technology Services
  • Simple Website and Wordpress design

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