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Perhaps you have a forum already but have the wish to switch to Xenforo? SchmitzIT can help you install, import and convert your current forum platforum to Xenforo, making sure you transfer all members and data from your old forum to your new Xenforo platform. If you wish your new forum to look like the old one, then talk with us and hear about our design offers. We are experienced in 'copying' styles from 'old' forums to new Xenforo forums to make them look alike as much as possible.

Perhaps you don't yet have a forum - but wish to start a community of some kind? SchmitzIT can help you install your new forum and make sure it's up running in no time! You need a style? SchmitzIT can help you designing and styling your forum so it fits with your desires.

When you hire SchmitzIT to perform a XenForo license, there are a few things we will need from you:

  • A licensed version of the xenForo software (can be purchased here: www.xenforo.com)
  • FTP, cPanel or similar access to your server, to be able to upload the forum software
  • A database name, login, and password for the XenForo database to reside in
  • The desired title for the forum, the name of the administrative user, and a contact E-mail address

We can also offer you help obtain a XenForo license, secure you a domain name, or hosting on one of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for a low monthly fee. We also “rent out” Xenforo licenses, which means you will not have to pay for a full license in one go, but can obtain the right to use one of our licenses using a monthly payment plan.

Should you have special wishes, or in case you want to combine domain registration with hosting and a forum installation, or perhaps specialised wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

When hiring us, you will of course receive an invoice for your administration.

Payment-wise, we request a payment of 50% of the quoted work to be paid upfront, with the remaining 50% payable after completion. We accept both Paypal or bank transfer.


Installation of a new copy of XenForo 30 USD per installation
Upgrading XenForo software to a newer release version
30 USD per upgrade
XenForo imports
We charge 70 USD for the first hour and any time spent working around potential errors or database corruption (if any), and then a subsequent 35 USD per hour per import. Redirects are not included.
XenForo configuration (installing add-ons, setting up specific configurations).
Price will depend on the amount of work, but typically will be USD 60/hour, billed in 30 minutes intervals
Theming/styling or other XenForo consultancy
We offer home-made styles, copying an old style into your new Xenforo platform or can do custom styling to give your forums a unique look. Price will depend on the actual amount of work, but typically will be USD 70 USD / hour
Custom XenForo add-on (application) development
Pricing for custom development will greatly depend on the complexity of the desired add-on. Contact us with your idea, and we can supply you with a quote.

Please note that all prices are excluding 25% VAT, applicable only to EU customers. If you are located within the EU and run a business, please let us know your VAT number in advance.

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