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Peter Schmitz
Laagegyde 49 - DK-2980 Kokkedal - Denmark

Phone: (0045) 50 55 09 77

CVR 32 59 73 94

W: www.schmitzit.com - E:  info@schmitzit.com 

Who is Peter Schmitz? 


Peter Schmitz was born in 1975 in The Netherlands, but moved to Denmark in 2007 to be with his wife Lykke.

Peter has been an IT professional for 12 years, and still loves every day of it

Being an early adoptor to the Internet, Peter has always been interested in websites and web development, and eventually Lykke and he started an online forum for the game they both loved to play.

After initial dissapopintment with the newer version of their old platform, Peter stumbled across XenForo, and ported the forum over to that. Finding it quite a joy to work with, recently Peter started specializing in XenForo services, installations and migrations.


Who AM I?

Peter Schmitz

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Our services

  • XenForo Installations & Setup 
  • XenForo Upgrades & Optimizations
  • XenForo Imports 
  • XenForo Add-on Installation & development
  • XenForo Design & Styling 
  • XenForo Administration (Backend & Frontend)
  • XenForo Forum Community Management
  • IT & Technology Services
  • Simple Website and Wordpress design

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