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    I am done creating my skin ~ The Retro50 Series.

    I made them visible on the forum and you can choose the different styles in the forum chooser at the bottom of the forum.

    The style is now available for download - just right click and safe the .zip of the style you want.

    The style is a very light - some might think very female - style - with not too much 'noise' around. The colours are kept in dusted retro colors - except for the PinkLady which is really ... Pink :D - If you need a more Rosa colored pink, you can choose PinkLady's Mom, where the color is much more toned down.

    How to get the style:
    1. Save the zip-file with the style you choose
    2. Extract the Retro50 zip-file to a local drive
    3. Upload the “Retro50” folder from the zip-file to your forum's styles folder
    4. Import the xml file in the zip-folder into your admin CP's Appearance / styles
    It is OK to
    • Use the style freely
    • Adjust the forum style to your site, needs and design – as long as you keep the copyright notice at the bottom right (Style Retro50© 2011 SchmitzIT). This also includes changes in the templates and CSS.
    • Credit yourself with your adjustments, as long as you keep the copyright notice intact. I.e. Style Retro50© 2011 SchmitzIT - adjusted by YOU
    It is NOT OK to
    • Distribute the style without explicit permission
    • Remove the copyright notice without a copyright license (prices below)
    • Convert the style to other forum platforms without permission
    • Copy the style without permission
    How to remove the copyright notice
    The style contains a copyright message. If you wish to remove the message it will cost you 20 USD for one color, 35 USD for 2 colors and 50 USD for all 5 colors.

    Please pay through Paypal to: with a description of what you bought.

    If you need help, do not hesitate asking.

    Hope you like it and I appreciate all feed-back on Retro50 =)

    Thanks :)

    =) Lykke

    Retro50 Series:






    PinkLady's Mom


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    Beautiful! ^^

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