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  • Microsoft SQL Server Consultancy
    Databases form the backbone of every business. As such they should be taken good care of to keep them running as smoothly as possible. In case there would be database trouble, you need to get them back in tiptop order as fast as possible.

    You can trust SchmitzIT to provide you with top-notch support and advice when it comes to design, development, administration and performance tuning of you Microsoft SQL Server databases.

    SchmitzIT is also able to offer you consultancy on other database platforms, but our speciality is Microsoft SQL Server. Contact us for more information about our database SQL server consultancies.

    Get a customized forum layout and style which shows the uniqueness of your forum. SchmitzIT designs and styles your forum to fit your desires and targetgroup.

    It can be a total new designed style - or a re-creation from an 'old' style taken from another platform or to fit into a special theme.

    It takes from 3 hours to create a basic style depending on the difficulties. Special styled forums might take a longer time, but you will always get an estimate before we begin the work.

    A basic forum layout which contains:

    • Color-scheme
    • Background picture/colors
    • Node-icons and other smaller graphic works and adjustments
    • Header, menu adjustments and normal style-settings to fit with a desired look

    Please, take a look at our services and pricelist here

    Perhaps you have a forum already but have the wish to switch to Xenforo?

    SchmitzIT can help you install, import and convert your current forum platforum to Xenforo, making sure you transfer all members and data from your old forum to your new Xenforo platform.

    Perhaps you don't yet have a forum - but wish to start a community of some kind? SchmitzIT can help you install your new forum and make sure it's up running in no time!

    When you hire SchmitzIT to perform a XenForo license, there are a few things we will need from you:

    • A licensed version of the xenForo software (can be purchased here: FTP, cPanel or similar access to your server, to be able to upload the forum software
    • A database name, login, and password for the XenForo database to reside in The desired title for the forum, the name of the administrative user, and a contact E-mail address

    SchmitzIT also offers help obtaining a XenForo license, secure you a domain name, or hosting on one of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for a low monthly fee.

    SchmitzIT also “rents out” Xenforo licenses, which means you will not have to pay for a full license in one go, but can obtain the right to use one of our licenses using a monthly payment plan.

    Should you have special wishes, or in case you want to combine domain registration with hosting and a forum installation, or perhaps specialised wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    When hiring SchmitzIT, you will of course receive an invoice for your administration. Payment-wise, we request a payment of 50% of the quoted work to be paid upfront, with the remaining 50% payable after completion. We accept both Paypal or bank transfer.

    Interested? Take a look at our services and pricelist here.


    SchmitzIT offers to Administrate your forum to make sure it's running smoothly, regularily gets updated and upgraded - and up-to-date with new desired features.

    Here's some examples of typical Administrator-tasks:

    • Daily check-up to make sure the forum is run smoothly
    • Regular update of the forum add-ons and tools
    • Upgrade to the newest version of Xenforo when needed
    • Spam-filter handling
    • Fixing errors on the forum, handling permissions etc.

    An Administrator has access to both back-end and front-end of a forum to be able to access the forum strucure, add-ons, style settings etc.


    SchmitzIT also offers Moderator-services on the actual forum to 'clean' up in posts and threads, structure the forum sections and make sure the forum rules are being held?

    Here's some examples of typical Moderator-tasks:

    • Light community management regarding handling the users
    • Removing spam
    • Make sure posts and threads are at the correct forum sections
    • Hand out warnings and bans to members not following the forum rules / or spaming
    • Make sure posts are following the forum rules

    A Moderator has access only to the front-end of the forum. He/she needs Moderator permissions to be able to use a spam-cleaner, to move and edit forum posts and threads, profile posts and other sections on the forums, where the community can add content (blogs, gallery etc.).

    Here’s a list of the most important tasks for a Community Manager:

    • Act as the spokesperson between the company and the Community.
    • To know product(s), and be able to advise and help customers if they have issues of any kind.
    • Maintain a professional and positive attitude within the community. This can include acting as an intermediate in case of conlficts, or simply listen to a frustrated customer and figure out how to make their experience better.
    • To engage the existing user-base and grow the community organically by means of events, competitions, etc.
    • Be able to use the tools offered by the forum software. This includes the ability to perform moderational or administrative tasks.
    • Inform users of updates, changes, future product releases, defects, etc.
    • To keep the community occupied through forum events and contests.
    • Be the single point of contact for the users, both through the forums, as well as the social media.
    • Monitor the growth rate and activeness of the community, and ensure the growth continues.

    Besides of course being able to communicate clearly in writing, other secondary skills for a community manager include creativity, being open minded, and enjoying working wiht people.

    When you choose to have your forums run by our Community Manager, you are so lucky that this person also knows about forums set-up, design etc. that you can have one person to do all 3 tasks if needed.

    A Community Manager should have all same permissions as a Moderator - and in some cases also back-end permissions (to handle users and forum structures, news blocks etc.).

    Please, have a look at our services and prices here.